The moving front (1914)

From October 1914 throughout 1915 the Argonne was the scene of fierce fighting (Four de Paris, Bois de la Gruerie). While the lines only moved by a matter of hundreds of metres, these shifts often allowed the attacking army to capture a more topographically advantageous defensive position, albeit at the expense of heavy losses. 500 metres north of the 1915 front line you can still see the traces of the trenches occupied by the French in late 1914, then captured by the Germans in an assault which saw them pulverise the French front line with a battery of mines. Around twenty craters left by mine explosions can still be seen on the ground, in the zone which would later become the German second line (Rückhalt Linie).

- Fonds documentaire Jean-Claude Laparra
- Fonds documentaire Alain Jacques
- Cl. Paul QUESTE, 1915 © ECPAD / France (SPA 8 B)